Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 5th: Pizza Hut with Friends

April 5th is a holiday here--Tomb Sweeping Day, which I talked about in my last post.  Since we didn't have to teach any classes, several of us foreign teachers decided to get together for lunch at Pizza Hut.  Now, Pizza Hut is somewhere to go on special occasions here.  It's one of the nicest and most expensive restaurants in town.  While they do have pizza (actually, I think I like pizza hut pizza better here than in the states!), they also have all sorts of other things on the menu.  They have pasta, rice dishes, various appetizers, a whole menu of fruity drinks, and even steaks, I think. I was really excited to learn that they have great onion rings--I never expected to find that in Jingzhou!   Evelyn and I shared a Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple on it. 

The first picture is of Colonel and Kelly and their daughter Aolani.  They live on the fifth floor of the same building where I live.  They also have a son, but he wasn't in the mood to get in a picture.  The second picture is of Casey and Tabby, who live on the central campus.  I've spent a lot of time visiting at their house and going to women's group meetings with Tabby.  At the other end of the table were Dale and Lisa and their two little boys, Seth and Caleb, and Evelyn was in the middle with me.  Her husband was out fishing, so he didn't come along.  After we ate, several of us went poking around dvd shops in the area.  I found seasons one through six of CSI Miami really cheap, so I've been enjoying that.  I'm not usually the type to buy tv shows on dvd, but here there really is no other way to see any tv or movies in English other than on dvd.  Anyhow, it was great to spend some time with friends. 


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