Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Ink for the Printer

Well, it doesn't seem quite real yet, but today was the last writing classes of the semester.  How in the world have thirteen weeks passed already?  Normally, I'd still have another month to go, but we double up the first four weeks to end early, for the sake of one of my Chinese coteachers who is expecting a baby in December.  I thought today would be crazy since I was trying to fit in two lessons, exam review, taking up papers, and making various announcements, but I actually had a bit of time to kill (which I did by making them listen to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer") in both classes.  Of course, the semester isn't really "over" for me, I've still got piles and piles to grade before it's really over.  Which is, of course, what I should be doing now, but I'm not.  I did a solid hour of grading earlier today, though!

What I'm doing right now is printing stuff.  I finally got around to ordering more ink for my printer, so I'm finishing up all those little decorative projects that got put on hold when I ran out of ink a month ago.  Now, I will finally fill that weird white hole in the living room wall collage you've been seeing in all the pictures.  I've also printed several Christmas decorations--I think I'll put them on the living room window.  I just wish I could spend more time in the living room to enjoy the decorations--it's hard to get it really comfortably warm in there.  I spend most of my time holed up in my dining room with the door closed--the heater in here works great for heating just one room.  Anyways, enough whining; I could pull the plug-in electric heater in there if I really wanted to sit in there so bad.  

I've also been printing more decorations with Good Words...I need to be reminded of them more often, and work on memorizing more.  I really like the stuff I found on Flourish Cafe; if you click on Flourishing Abode and then printables, there's some really cute stuff.  She also has a ton of great stuff on the Cafe side, if you want to pay for them.  I'm always amazed by the internet--the opportunity to find so many interesting people making so many interesting things.  I often feel a bit guilty that I haven't learned more--there's so many things I want to learn, to study, to know--and it's all out there, if I would just dedicate myself to learning it all.

Here's some stuff I edited with pixl-o-matic.  I added the words with my paintshop program.  Unfortunately, I'm using a buggy old version from computer-before-last; I have a newer version I bought with my last short-lived computer, but I couldn't find the cd to load it on this one.  One of those annoying situations in which I remember moving that cd around and it being in the way, and then once I needed it, it didn't turn up in eight months.  Sigh.  Anyways.  So, the stuff:


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