Well, if you're hearing the story of someone's life, the first thing you usually want to know is their name.  Mine is Katy.  I'm twenty-eight at the moment, and at this point in the story, I’m starting a new chapter in life living and working in Wuhan, China.
To catch up you up on the story to this point, my family is from Arkansas, but I was born and raised in Tennessee.  Tennessee is a beautiful state and I'm happy to have grown up a southerner, but I've always known I wouldn't stay there forever.  While I was in college, I realized that trying to control and plan my own life brought on nothing but stress.  So, I gave the plot line to God, and He's led me places I never would have imagined.
After college, I moved to Italy for three years, living for a few months in Scandicci, a suburb of Florence, teaching English, and then most of the time in Milan, where I worked for a church.  Nothing was going on in the states once I finished my job there, so I, rather on a whim, decided to move to China.  I lived in Jingzhou, in Hubei province, for most of 2010.  I taught English at Yangtze University, and met some amazing people.
I left Jingzhou to pursue a relationship back in the states that has now ended, so I’m free to follow my heart back to China.  I have a new job as an English professor at Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan, and I’m really excited to see what the next chapter will hold. 
I love to travel (obviously), take pictures (hence the flickr site with over 40000 photos), scrapbook (got to do something with all those photos, although I’m now years behind), study my family’s genealogy, study the Bible, and waste inordinate amounts of time on the computer. 
Welcome to  my foreverfreebird life! 


Anonymous said...

Katy! I am so happy to be reading your blog. We miss you! I still remember us jumping on the trampoline in your back yard. Those were the days! Hoping and praying that all is well.


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