Monday, June 23, 2014 0 comments

The Chaos in Between

Sometimes in life there are moments in which you know that you are seeing something special, something you will never see again.  The star-crossed elements align and a magic moment happens.

I had one of those moments tonight, on a red-eye flight from LA to Nashville.  As I blearily stared out the window between attempts to sleep, the layers of the sky  separated. 

Below were the lights of a city, maybe somewhere in Texas.  Ribbons of orangey pinpricks outlined the streets, knotted together to create a downtown.  In the second level, a summer storm raged as we flew parallel, just to the north.  The clouds flickered and glowed with constant lightning.  Above the fighting clouds, a third level opened to the heavens. The Big Dipper, bright and bold among hundreds of more distant kin, looked serenely over the fleeting scene below. 

Three layers--the sleeping city, the ancient universe, and the chaos in between.