Thursday, November 7, 2013 0 comments

Finally Fall

I love alliterative (or consanance, if you want to be picky) titles. They just make me happy. 

Anyway, back to the point.  Now that we're solidly into November, it's finally starting to look fallish.  I was beginning to think we'd never get any color, thanks to the super dry and rather warm weather we've had. 


Poor Abused Oranges

I made the mistake of leaving a small pile of mandarins on my coffee table, and Micah got bored as he was loitering in my living room after a study. Now, he's pretty good at juggling tennis balls, but with the fruit...well, I commented that it was less juggling than just throwing oranges at my floor. He responded by throwing them at me instead. 


It's Contagious!

Sigh...our holidays are starting to catch on here...I guess you can't have too many reasons for a party.  Wal-mart here seems to have a slightly larger aisle of Christmas decorations every year.  Granted, the decorations available here make dollar-store plastic baubles look like the height of elegance and good taste, but it's still fun to decorate, albeit in a tacky, shiny sort of way. 

The thing I'm fussing about is that not only have Christmas decorations caught on, but so has the habit of putting them on display immediately following Halloween.  It's November seventh and I rounded a corner and there was the tinsel. 

I guess I really shouldn't complain...As soon as I got over my indignation (didn't take long) I justified the practice by loading my basket with snowmen.

Monday, November 4, 2013 0 comments


I get out of class at 3:40; by the time I pack up my scattered belongings and get outside, it's about four.  Too early, really, to go get dinner, but late enough that I don't really want to hike up the five flights of stairs to my apartment and get comfortable, just to go back out again soon.

So, I usually take my time wandering across campus towards the food street.  I often end up sitting on a bench in the park and reading for a while, enjoying the pleasant fall temperatures as long as I can.  I'm not looking forward to the drizzle and chill of winter interrupting my routine. 

Today was the most fun of all, though.  Strolling along still in my witch costume, carrying a jack-o-lantern, nearly everyone I passes did a double-take.  As I crossed the commons, I passed a group of grandmothers out taking their toddler grandchildren for a late afternoon walk; I stopped and re-lit my jack-o-lantern to show the children.  They shyly peered into the glowing eyes, and looked askance at my funny hat.  Who is this strange looking person who can't talk properly? Actually, I think the grandmothers were more excited.  Who ever though of turning a pumpkin into a light? Takes playing with your food to a new level.

I hadn't really planned it, but I realized as I walked on towards the gate that I would be passing the kindergarten just as it let out for the day.  Sure enough, as I walked along in front the school, I was quickly surrounded by a giggling group of curious children and probably even more curious parents.  I showed them how the lid came off the top of the pumpkin, and the candle inside.  One little girl was brave enough to try the word, and she pronounced "pumpkin" quite clearly.  A few of the boys tried on my funny hat. 

I went on to dinner at my favorite little restaurant, where the proprietor and her son exclaimed over my costume, too.  I kept the jack-o-lantern lit as I finally headed home in the dark; I know I 'll be tired of it by the end of the week, but for today I had a great time causing double takes and surreptitious phone pictures.