Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's Contagious!

Sigh...our holidays are starting to catch on here...I guess you can't have too many reasons for a party.  Wal-mart here seems to have a slightly larger aisle of Christmas decorations every year.  Granted, the decorations available here make dollar-store plastic baubles look like the height of elegance and good taste, but it's still fun to decorate, albeit in a tacky, shiny sort of way. 

The thing I'm fussing about is that not only have Christmas decorations caught on, but so has the habit of putting them on display immediately following Halloween.  It's November seventh and I rounded a corner and there was the tinsel. 

I guess I really shouldn't complain...As soon as I got over my indignation (didn't take long) I justified the practice by loading my basket with snowmen.


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