Monday, December 16, 2013 0 comments

Chinglish, December edition

I haven't posted any interesting Chinglish lately, so here's a bit to ponder over.
I know it seems like making fun, and it is in a way, but not mean-spirited.  My Chinese friends whose English is good giggle at it too when they come across it.  Besides, I'd hate to see the stuff I'd come up with if I were writing in Chinese. 
Saturday, December 7, 2013 0 comments


On this sunny but terribly smoggy (the air quality index got up to over 400 by noon, very hazardous), I got a message from Tammy about meeting for lunch at Guanggu. 

We ended up at M-Kitchen, one of several somewhat fancy restaurants up on the fifth floor of the mall.  It's a south Asia fusion place-dishes with curry, or Thai flavors, and even the occasional Vietnamese influence.  We had seafood spring rolls, mango fried chicken, an eggplant dish, and a kind of thing made of two pieces of thin, tortilla-like bread with a curried beef filling.  Tammy and I also got fancy strawberry juices. 
We walked around the mall a bit and went to Carrefour after-again I was reminded why I normally try to do my shopping on a weekday. Eeesh.

Spending time with these two is always good for laughter, especially as Tammy says that Micah makes her laugh just by, well, existing.