Friday, November 23, 2012

English Party 7

After a weekend off, tonight I hosted our seventh English Party.  Now we're starting on class 1104; we'll have the other two groups of them over next weekend. This was our smallest group so far; just four students: Bertha, Seldom, Wind, and Xiaobei (yes, they choose their own names...I know.)

Anyways, we followed our usual format; if you're following the blog, you know the usual by now. We had a good time, as usual; Xiaobei is a bit nutty and we all gave him a hard time; he and Micah got into a stand-off refusing to tell each other their birthdays.  Xiaobei insisted he was very clever; Micah said
it was sneaky instead; every time Micah would insult him, he would say, "My heart is broken!" very dramatically.  We all told him he wasn't going to have much heart left by the end of the night.

Chinese students usually love to sing; it's not unusual at a party for somebody or everybody to end up singing.  It typically starts in some sort of game: "The loser has to sing a song!"  Xiaobei lost at Uno twice; and I don't remember exactly how all it went but it came down to that Micah should sing a
song, but he refused unless Xiaobei sang all three of the songs that he owed us by now.  Usually that puts an end to the "sing something!" conversation, but not with Xiaobei, of course.  He sang his three songs: two very silly ones, and one that was actually pretty good.  Fortunately, I had the video camera ready, and he's a ham and didn't mind.  So, Micah had to sing his song; he grabbed my Faith and Praise book and sang something out of there.  I got that on video, too, but I have to work with him the rest of the year so I won't put it on here.  (Xiaobei will never know, and wouldn't care if he did). And then they all looked at me, so I sang "I'll Fly Away."

Blogger is for some reason not loading my videos, so here are links to the videos instead: 

The video of Micah singing broke. :(  Oh well, here's a picture of him with the broken reindeer antlers:


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