Friday, November 9, 2012

English Party 5

English party five was a continuation of class 1106.  Now, we're having these parties to get to know our students...I don't think we really meant we wanted to get to know them this well.  Crazy only beings to cover it.  With most groups, we talk about a wide variety of topics; this group had one thing on their minds: dating.  We especially got to hear Sarah's views, because, as we teased her good-naturedly, she never really stops talking.  To tell you the truth, all of the students in the group might not be crazy, but she, her best fried Delphine, and the lone boy in the group (who we found has been friend-zoned so badly that he may never climb out), Tom, definitely are. Oh, and Malak, too.  She left before the others as she had a date; from the way it sounds her boyfriend is a brave man; I wouldn't want to fight her.  

We followed the usual format of sitting in the living room, eating and chatting. Sarah expounded on her plans to get back together with her exboyfriend, the girls abused Tom, and had some choice words about somebody elses' ex.  We then tried to distract them with games; we played Uno and Spoons.  Unfortunately for Tom, he didn't get to play much; we were playing elimination on both--in Uno he won, so he was out quickly, and in Spoons, he lost quickly and was out.  So, he ended up being a go-fer, fetching snacks from the other room.  I was the ultimate loser of Uno; the last four or so of us played on forever; so long that everyone else got bored and wandered away.  Spoons, on the other hand, is my game; I won both games.  

Once they left, Micah and I looked at each other and just said, "Wow."   

From left to right: Sarah, Delphine, Blare, Candy, April, Jody, and Tom in the front.  


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