Saturday, November 3, 2012

English Party 4

And, yet another party--this one starts class 1106.  This group seemed quite friendly and familiar, probably mostly because it included Roger, who we have gotten to know quite while outside of class and consider a friend.  I think his familiarity with us led the other to feel less shy and more familiar as well.  Everyone gave Lance, the other boy, a hard time because they said he's always eating.  He did seem to be the one enjoying the snacks the most; whenever anyone else didn't want to finish something, they would hand it off to him.  It's rather useful sometimes to have a bottomless pit in a group of friends. :)

So far, we had played spoons and mafia with our students; I successfully avoided mafia this round--we'd just played it the night before, and I only have so much patience for mafia in one weekend.  So, this time, we taught them to play Uno.  It's pretty simple, and it's a game most Americans know how to play, so it seemed like a good thing to play.  Also, Lance knew how to play, and was able to speed things up by giving an explanation in Chinese.  We didn't bother keeping score, but rather played elimination--keep playing until only one person is left, who is the ultimate looser.  They also reminded me of the colors in Chinese--I can always remember red (hong), yellow (huang), and green (lü), but I always forget blue for some reason. (It's lan).  

The fourth group, from class 1106, from left to right: Alice, Nancy, Echo, Lance, Micah, Emily, Roger, Natalie, and Cassie.  

Also, here are videos from the night:
Getting intense!
Down to three...
The final showdown


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