Friday, November 2, 2012

English Party 3

With our third English party, we finished with class 1103.  This group included (left to right): Allen, Linda, April, Francs, Jessica, Ives, (Micah), and, in front, Aiden.  

This was another good group; we played several more rounds of mafia--I was on a streak of being the policeman.  Unfortunately, I was wearing my orange button-up shirt (those of you who've known me awhile probably remember it--it's been one of my favorite for years; I know I saw a picture of me wearing it back in 2006 the other day); the problem was that it is made of very rustly fabric.  Aiden, who was sitting with me on the couch, kept figuring out which part I was because he could here me move.  So, between games, I ducked into my dressing room (yes, I have a dressing room--I have an extra bedroom attached to my bedroom that I use as a huge walk-in closet.) and switched shirts so that I could be more stealthy.  A couple of games in a row, Aiden and I were policement together, and we made a great detective theme--once we ended the game quickly by guessing the two killers on our first two tries.

Then, of course, we finished with spoons, Jello, and all.  


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