Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree..."

And now that Thanksgiving is over, I can decorate for Christmas!  Last Sunday after our morning meeting, I tagged along with Micah when he said he was craving ice cream.  We went to the Dairy Queen near Walmart, and of course, being a southern woman, I can't be that close to a Walmart and not go in.  And right inside the door, Christmas decorations!  Of course, Christmas isn't a holiday here, but it sounds like fun to those Chinese people who know about it, and it's starting to catch on--at least, the Santa Claus and snow men part.  No nativity scenes...I'd kind of like one to display, just as a
conversation starter.

Anyhow, the decorations here are dollar-store quality at best, but at least they are colorful and festive. I grabbed a basket and dived into the Christmas decor.  Micah looked around a bit with mild interest and then wandered off, but I was trying to find colored lights under the piles of white lights by then.  Now, in the states, I'm not much on tinsel; there are other less plastic ways of decorating.  But here, bring on the metallic green, gold, and red! I found some colorful balls, some felt ornaments, and one actually cute little Santa Claus.

I already had a good start on Christmas stuff; Carrie, the teacher who lived here before me, had left some stuff--a two-foot (ish, I didn't measure it) silver aluminum tree and some white lights and ornaments.  Here's a picture of my cute little tree (thanks, Carrie!) with the ornaments I bought.  I hung up white lights on the window and scattered Santa hats, but as I did all of the above with knock-off scotch tape, it's all falling down and looks tacky at the moment, so I'll take pictures of all that when I've got time to redo itproperly--with MORE scotch tape!

 In the meantime, here's my tree lighting up the room:


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