Monday, September 1, 2014

Curry Chicken Ramen

Continuing a recent theme (cliched I know, in Asian travel circles) about good food in Penang, I feel the need to share another meal. It was that good. I know there's a lot of antagonism towards those that post pictures of lunch on facebook and instagram, but you came here of your own free will, and food is certainly an integral part of travel. :)

I overslept and spent longer than I meant taking care of various odds and ends at the hostel, so it was lunchtime by the time I got started with my day. There were still three major sites in Penang that I hadn't covered, so my plan was to do one today, and then spend the afternoon at Penang Hill, and then get up and moving earlier tomorrow and do the other two, then spend the afternoon at the beach. My first stop, however, was lunch. Wanting to be efficient, I decided to eat somewhere near the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion that I planned to explore after. There was a place called the Red Garden, from the description and from the outside view a food court of street food stalls recommended for all sorts of local specialties, almost next door--but it was shut up and quiet when I walked by.  So I wandered around the corner over to nearby Jalan Penang, and I found a place that looked like it was probably a chain, but had advertisements with tantalizing pictures of set oriental and Italian meals. 

I spent a while deciding--play it safe or take a risk?  Finally I settled on curry chicken ramen.  I did not regret my choice--it was love at first bite.  I have got to learn to make some curry dishes.  The curry was creamy and full of flavor without being overly spicy, perfect on noodles (I've only ever had it on rice before), and all the Asian odds and ends (which are usually an acquired taste that I haven't acquired) were wonderful, even if I couldn't positively identify them.  The only part that wasn't great, actually, was the chicken, which was a bit gristly, but there was so much else to eat I didn't miss it.  With so many food opportunities in Penang, I don't have the time to repeat meals, but every time I get a whiff of curry (which is often in Penang; I keep passing through Little India), my mouth starts watering again.  And it's watering now writing about it.  Hmm, I wonder if they have one of those places in Kuala Lumpur?


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