Friday, September 15, 2006


On Sunday nights, the Avanti Italia group organizes a devotional at Pepperdine Unviersity's study-abroad program building. While it was first began to give the university students a chance to worship, it is now also advertised as an English service as well as the only Sunday night service available. I mentioned in an earlier post (Domenica...) four girls (Laura, Sarah, Katie, and Stephanie) who are studying in Florence for the semester. They found the Florence Church of Christ on the internet, and are now coming to both the regular Italian service as well as the Pepperdine devotional. We have all been encouraged by their enthusiasm and excitement at finding other Christians in this country where we are widely scattered.

I also mentioned two girls who attend community churches in the states who are here studying Italian. They also found the English service on the internet, and sought us out. This past Sunday, they came again and brought three friends. Although our primarly purpose here is to work with our Italian brethren, it is also great that we can be used to give Americans traveling and studying here the chance to worship in their own language and grow in their faith.


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