Saturday, September 2, 2006

A little more about training...

Hello again! I wanted to let you all know a little more about the training we did in Searcy in August. Here is a list of the classes we had:

Group dynamics, Dr. Carl Mitchell
English Using the Bible, Ryan Butterfield
Catholic Doctrine, Howard Bybee
Overview of Church History, Dr. Don Shackelfrod
The Holy Spirit and Miracles, Keith Cronk
Faith and Evidence, Dr. Don England
Romans, Dr. Warden
The Gospel and Post-Modernism, Bruce McClarty
The New Testament Church, L.V. Pfeifer
Evangelism, Noel Whitlock
Eastern Religions, Oneal Tankersley
Children's Classes, Dan and Suzanne Reed
Singing (we learned several songs in Italian), Joli Love
Sharing Evangelistic Experiences, Carla Lowe and Brandon Edwards
Cross-Cultural Communication, Dr. Howard Norton

On the Saturday we were there, we went out to Wyldewood camp and did a ropes course. Well, some of the group did a ropes course...those of you who know me now khow unathletic I am. I never actually made it to the rope...I am not a good pole-climber. :) Oh, well.

Altogether, it was a good two weeks with a lot of information to soak in. Many of our teachers had been missionaries in Italy themselves, and it was wonderful to hear their stories and experiences. Our group got along well, and although I am the only one going now, I look forward to working with Andrea, Brandon, and Kristin when they come in January.


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