Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10: The Wanderer Sets Out

Well, it's summer break at last.  This is one reason why I love working in education...the students go home for the summer, and I have some free time. :)  So, I'm setting out to do something I love to do: wander.  On the road, I feel alive.  I love getting into a new town, and feeling its vibe and learning its atmosphere.  I love taking pictures, I love hiking, I love choosing between two paths never taken before, and seeing how way leads on to way.  I enjoy flying, I feel like train stations are home, and I even don't hate buses.  I haven't been much of one for being settled the past few years, and now I'm setting out on my longest continuous backpacking travel time yet--I've got seven weeks.  Stay tuned to see if I survive it...I'll try to post updates and stories as often as possible, but I'm already experiencing various computer issues, so no promises.  I'll get it all caught up eventually...I already have a list of posts I'd like to write. 

My basic plan is Xi'an, then on to Beijing, then Shanghai, then one of the most famous mountains in China--Huang Shan, then down to see the karst mountains around the Li River in the south.  After that, I'll still have a few weeks in August; I'm still working out the logistics, but I hope to dip down into some combination of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.  We'll see how that works out.  I hope to at least get to one or two of them.  Vietnam was my first choice, but it's also the most difficult to get a visa and such.  Of course, this is just a tentative plan; often life happens along the way.


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