Friday, October 26, 2012

English Party 2

Tonight, we had our second "English Party".  This was the second group from class 1103, including Serena, Tina, Cindy, Smile, Blanca, Alice, Ruth, and Alissa.  I hoped going in that it wouldn't be too awkward for Micah with a group of all girls, but I think it went fine.  The only time the issue came up was when we were discussing what game to play--one of the girls suggested Truth or Dare, and Micah vetoed that immediately.   Probably not the best game to play with your students, anyhow. :)

The girls then started describing a game they like to play to us.  The more the described, Micah and I looked at each other.  Mafia.  Turns out Chinese students play Mafia as well; it's funny sometimes what odd things turn out to be international and other things you would think would be aren't.  So, we came to an agreement on the rules (they didn't have a doctor in their version, although another group of Chinese people we talked to later said that they usually did), passed out cards, and played about seventeen times.  Now, I know Mafia is extremely popular with most young people, but frankly, I've always found it quite boring.  I'm always happy if I get out early, as it's much more interesting to watch than to sit with your eyes closed time after time.  Besides, every other time I've played in the states, it's been with a large group, and I've never been anything but a townsperson.  Here in China, however, I seem to have some luck being a policeman.  I just prefer games that give more chance for getting to know the people you're playing with.  After that, we did play a quick game of spoons, as well.

Anyhow, it was fun, but I should have cut them off at fewer games.  We went on the close the evening in what has now become traditional, Jello and group photos.  


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