Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another 1105 Party

A few more students from class 1105 came over on Friday night, March 22nd: Laura, Zoe, Arjen, Monkey, and Lucas.  And yes, Monkey knows that is a ridiculous "name."  The boys hadn't eaten dinner yet, so they brought a ton of street food with them, so combined with all the usual snacks, we had a quite a feast.  I had forgotten how much boys that age can eat...

Lucas had to leave early, but the other four stayed and we taught them to play dominoes.  We've been teaching Uno at most parties, but to tell you the truth, I think both Micah and I are thoroughly sick of that one.  The students the last couple of times have caught on to dominoes pretty quickly, and I'm happy to finally get some use out of the dominoes set that Mom sent me for Christmas. :)  

So, three parties down.  I'm taking a little break for a couple of weeks, and then I need to figure out inviting over my oral English classes, which will probably take another eight parties, at least.  It's a bit tiring sometimes, but it really helps in getting to know the students to see them outside of class in a small group.  


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