Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Me: 1 Students: 1

April Fool's Update:  I intended to play some sort of joke on my students, but they beat me to it!  I showed up for my 8:00 class and...an empty classroom.  It's Monday, right? I know this is the right classroom; I even checked the schedule by the door.  Did someone forget to pass on the message that class was canceled for some reason?  I'm going to be mad...I got up at the crack of dawn (Okay, 7, but I am not a morning person) for this and slogged all the way over here for nothing...I tried calling two students in the class, but they aren't answering their phones...  

And then Sharon poked her head around the back door to the classroom. They'd all been hanging out in an empty classroom down the hall waiting to April Fool's me. They all trooped in and we got started with only the normal technical difficulties. :)

My second class, however, didn't think of doing anything.  I couldn't resist..after I called role, I announce a pop quiz, get out a sheet of paper, etc...their looks of horror and panic for about thirty seconds were priceless.  Then they realized I was struggling to keep a straight face, and we never have quizzes, and we all had a good laugh.  That's part of the fun of teaching in another culture--"the oldest trick in the book" is new again.  

So, one for me, one for the students...actually, I think they win; class 1103 got me much better than I got class 1105!  


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