Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Second 1105 Party

Well, another Friday night, another party!  A few students had to cancel at the last minute, so I had a small group, just three girls.  Different from the usual craziness of seven or eight, but it was nice, because I felt like I really got to talk with everybody.  Not enough people for a shy person to hide.  

The girls and I snacked--we had good popcorn for once, as I bought some Act II buttered microwave popcorn from Metro, and added salt.  We also had the usual, chips ahoy and oreos--well, half the oreos were my usual, double chocolate, but the other half were the strawberry creme ones, just to try.  My advice: stick with the chocolate.  The girls brought some typical Chinese snack food--duck meat, liver, seaweed strips, tofu, and lotus root, all marinated in a really spicy sauce.  I ate several pieces of the lotus root and a bit of the liver. One of the girls, Jennifer, is from a coastal region of China (Shandong Province) where the food isn't spicy, so she and I were both fanning our mouths and grabbing the orange juice bottle for refills.  

Micah joined the party just a bit late, as I was teaching Uno, as has become my custom.  He was really excited about the liver; he loves that stuff.  The students were gratified to see a foreigner enjoying their contribution so much.  

It didn't take near as long to teach and play a game of Uno with just three students, and then they wanted to learn another game.  So, we moved to the dining room for Spoons, which they didn't get as excited about as most groups.  Mom had sent me a dominoes set for Christmas , and here it is March and I still hadn't had the opportunity to use them. I wasn't sure if Mexican train would work with as many people as we usually have, but with this group it was perfect.  

The girls caught on quickly to the concept of dominoes, and we had a good game.  We played double-twelves down to double-eights, but then it was getting late so Micah called the game at that point (while he was winning, of course).   I hope I can get another group to play dominoes with again soon!  

Before the left, I got a picture with the students, as usual:  left to right, Cherry, Rebecca, and Jennifer.  


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