Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Hehe. I'm still laughing to myself...anyone passing by probably thinks I'm a bit nuts. 
Soooo...last night after our study with our friend Ezra, I settled down in front of my computer to look over my lesson for today.  Before getting started, like any true procrastinator, I wandered over to facebook to see what was going on in the world.  I pulled it up and started to scroll but there were several people I didn't know on the feed. And a conversation with Kevin I knew I had never had.
Micah had left his facebook signed in on my computer.

Now, a nice person probably would just sign him out and go on about her business. But who could resist such a golden opportunity? I immediately texted Tammy and Chrissi, who share my enjoyment in poking at Micah, to exult over the possibilities.  Decisions, decisions...[insert evil laugh here].
I mulled over what I could do in the back of my mind as I added grades to my gradebook and rearranged a few slides in my powerpoint.  Status saying something silly? Been done so many times. Changing the profile picture to something hideous? Meh, I don't really want to do something so embarrassing that he would really get mad. 

Finally I decided to make a new group- "Micah's Fan Club." Made from his account, it looked as if he created this self-adoring page about himself. I added all the pictures I could find without working too hard, and added a description of the album that said, "I know, I know. Everyone tells me they just can't get enough of seeing my face. I know these few photo aren't enough to satisfy my fans, but it's a start. But if any family members or old friends wants to add any childhood or awkward teenager photos, it would really complete the collection!" 

I also created a group event for noon today labeled "Adoration of Me" with instructions for the groupies to send messages, on the group page or by text, expressing their admiration for him.  I hope he got several; I've been in class all day so I haven't been able to monitor it as closely as I would have liked. 

The whole was an extremely obnoxious and over-the-top attention-seeking mess. So my next step was to send invites to the group to several of our friends here, and a few people elsewhere who he has spoken of as good friends.  Only twenty-three or so... 

I got congratulatory messages this morning from Tammy and Chrissi.  If no one else did, at least we enjoyed it.  I thought I might be able to keep it going for a while as he doesn't check his facebook too often, but I got a code-red message from Tammy during the lunch break that he had found out. 
Actually, that's probably for the best. I want to see his reaction while it's still funny. :)
Okay, I'm grinning like a crazy person to myself again sitting here on this park bench.


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