Friday, March 21, 2014

Game Night with Class 1203

Although I often do still play perennially popular Uno during my game nights with students, I try to get that over with as quickly as possible (boy, does that game get old after a while!) and move on to more-interesting-to-me games,   One of my favorites recently has been dominoes. When I first started doing game nights my first semester at HZAU, I stuck with simpler-to-explain games like Uno and Spoons, and while those are still fun, I've found that it's not as challenging as I thought it would be to explain more complicated games.  Many Chinese people play card games, and enjoy learning new ones.
Here a couple of photos of Nathan and some rather blurry girls from class 1203 playing both Spoons (my downstairs neighbors really love it when everyone starts squealing and jumping around over that one...) and dominoes. I already knew Nathan  was a bright student from his work in class, but he really has a talent for games, too, as he beat us all mercilessly in both games.


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