Saturday, April 26, 2014

Back in Time

Here I am again in the Wuchang train station.  I'm heading to Jingzhou for the weekend to visit old friends.  I'll stay with Rebecca (who I worked with my second semester at Yangtze University) and her husband Jon, and hopefully I will see a lot of my Chinese friends at the Sunday meeting. 

It always feels a bit like going back in time, going back somewhere I've lived before.  The same familiar decorative pond in front of the apartment building, the same hot noodle place, the same old walk through the park running along the outside of the ancient city walls.  I'm glad for some changes, though-I'll be there in only an hour and a half on the high-speed train; when I lived there in 2010 it was a four-hour bus ride, as the train station hadn't been built yet. 


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