Thursday, March 4, 2010

February 25th: Settling In

I spent the morning cleaning and unpacking. In the afternoon, Keith and Jason took all of us newcomers out to RT Mart, a large Taiwanese Wal-mart-like store. I got several things I needed for the apartment, and enough groceries to be able to cook a couple of meals.

In the evening, Roanne, Lindsay, and I ventured out in search of food. We wandered down a street near the campus and stopped at one of the first little restaurants we saw. We went in, and Lindsay used a small dictionary to try to order something for us. The woman finally took us outside to look at the bins of vegetables and dried meats, and we pointed out a few things that we liked. She cooked us a proper meal despite our bumbling—our favorite was a carrots and pork dish. Our first solo dining experience was a success.


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