Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 2nd: Frustration

Good morning, world! I woke up at seven this morning with the music coming in the window—the students are back to class now. My classes don’t start until next week, but most of the other courses started yesterday. At seven each morning, the university pumps music over loudspeakers across campus to wake up the students—luckily, they are nice people and play gentle, mostly instrumental music. If it was an American university, I bet they’d have to blast Metallica at volume 10 to wake up college students. As I went to bed pretty early, the early morning music didn’t bother me and I got up then. I hope I can keep that up—however, I’ll probably revert to my night owl ways after the jet lag wears off, and then I’m sure I’ll have some not-so-nice words to say about music at seven a.m, since I only have an early class one day a week.

I spent most of the day aggravating Frank about the internet situation. The simple code that should have worked of course didn’t, and I passed several hours of frustration trying to reconfigure all sorts of things on my computer to get it to work. Come to find out, at four o’clock, that he had sent in the wrong IP address. But, enough about that, lest I fail to follow the Bible verse that says to “do all things without whining and complaining.”


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you remembered the one I like to remind myself of often. Do you remember the wonderful Opryland Christmas lights that we saw soon afterward?

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