Friday, March 26, 2010

March 25th: The Perfect Shade of Green

I started painting my living room today!  I know, I know, I've had the paint a week now.  However, I got the paint on Thursday, and then Friday I had classes to teach all day, then Saturday I had to go grocery shopping and get other things done, then Sunday I had a meeting and then had to prepare for this week's classes, then Monday had class to teach and a women's group meeting, then Tuesday I decided to clean the house before starting a new project, then Wednesday I was ready to start! Except I couldn't get the can of paint open.  I searched my apartment for useful tools.  I needed a screwdriver, but I found nothing even similar.  A large butcher knife was the only even possible tool, and I couldn't get enough leverage with that without bending the blade.  So...I did laundry. 

Wednesday night, I went over to Tabby and Casey's house, and mentioned my dilemma.  Casey, it turns out, as a drawer of just such utensils as I needed.  He lent me a screwdriver, and also a hammer, which I almost didn't take.  However, it turned out that the hammer was exactly what was needed to pry that lid down. Goodness, they certainly didn't intend for anyone to get into it in a hurry! 

So, Thursday was the day.  I have a brush and a roller, and I started at around the doorway from the hallway, and painted the part of that wall not covered by the bookcase (I'll get around to seeing if I can move that behemoth later), the entire wall behind the TV, except a little part over the air conditioner that I can reach, and half of the wall with the door and window onto the sunroom.  It looked a little splotchy at first, but it dried perfectly.  It's perfect--exactly the color of green that I wanted! I'm one of those types whose whole mood can be affected by my surroundings; maybe it is a bit frivolous to put time and money into an apartment that I only plan to be in for a year, but I absolutely love taking a new place and making it home. Besides, this is the largest place I've ever lived in.  I had my room in my parents' house.  I had a dorm room.  I had a room at the Bible School in Florence.  I had a one-room studio apartment in Milan.  I actually have a separate bedroom and living room!  And a kitchen and a hallway and bathroom!  And a sunroom!  The last couple of weeks I've spent most of my time in the bedroom because I couldn't quite figure out to do with all the rest of this space, but I've moved my computer and all to the desk in the living room now.  It's such a novelty to have my own living room. :)  So, paint is great! I can't help but smile looking at the finished wall.

Speaking of smiling...Billy Wayne, do you remember that when I was telling you about the paint, you said I should paint a smiley face on the wall before painting over it?  Well...I did!  However, I'm not sure that was the greatest idea, because if you look at it in the right light, you can still see the face underneath...Oh, well, I'm going to hang something on the wall there, anyhow. :)



Anonymous said...

Just think of how happy you were when you finally got to this point. Do not be disappointed in the shadow lines. Maybe you can softly sand paper it with the finest grit possible (300 maybe) and then recoat it?
My apologies for the slight delimna.

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