Monday, January 9, 2012

Photos 1

 This one is in the Swiss Alps, from the Bernina Express train.  The train wound through the mountains from Locarno, or thereabouts, I think, to St. Moritz.  I took Mom on a day trip here on her first trip to Europe, in July of 2007.   
 I love the amazing colors of the Ligurian coast.  Mom and I were hiking through the Cinque Terre in July of 2007 when I took this and the next photo. 
 Also a view while hiking along the Cinque Terre in Liguria, Italy...
One of my favorite views in Milan...This was taken from the top of Monte Stella.  There are no natural hills in Milan, but after World War II all the rubble and debris was carted to two parks, one on each side of the city.  The larger pile, on the west side of town, was named Monte Stella and is now an amazing vantage point of the Alps in the distance and the city below. 


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