Monday, January 9, 2012

Photos 5

 It was a blissful experience after a long, hot, hard bike ride over rough roads to the Dragon Bridge to ride back on a bamboo raft on the Li River.  This was taken near Yangshuo, China, in late July or early August of 2010. 
 Another shot of the Li River, near sunset, as I rode a bamboo raft. 
 Moon Hill, with an amazing crescent-shaped hole in it, near Yangshuo, China, in 2010. 
 One of my favorite little hikes as a child was to Jackson Falls, on the Natchez Trace, about seven miles from where I grew up near Columbia, Tennessee.  This particular shot was taken in the spring of 2011. 
 I love cities...I especially love cities that have a downtown worth walking around.  This is in Memphis on a cold December day in 2011. 
Sunrise, as seen from the summit of Hua Shan, a mountain I climbed in July of 2010, in China. 


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