Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Hijinks

Okay, that title sounds extremely corny. 

Anyhow, it's the week of Halloween, and my busiest week of classes yet.  I have nine classes this week, but eight of them are the same lesson. 

One thing I really enjoy about teaching English in China is teaching about culture, and the most fun lessons are usually about holidays.  And the students are so appreciative of any effort to liven things up with pictures and props...seriously, it'll probably be a bit of a let-down if I teach in the states again...you can't beat walking into a classroom and being greeted with a chorus of OOoohs and having so many camera phones turned towards you that you start to understand how movie stars feel on the red carpet. 

So this week I'm celebrating Halloween and amusing my students by dressing as a witch for class.  This was an easy costume as I already seem to have nearly every article of clothing in black, including a voluminous black jacket with a swirling velvet pattern that reaches nearly to my knees, making quite good witch robes. I think my mom found it at a yard sale. Micah found a witch hat at Wal-mart the other day, which I just remembered in class that I forgot to pay him back for. 

I also found a pumpkin large enough to carve-not an easy feat here where pumpkins are just another vegetable to be eaten.  They don't have much need of huge ones since a small one is plenty to make a side dish for a family meal.  However, it's actually good that I have a very small jack-o-lantern; much easier to carry to class.  The students have never seen one in person before, so jack got his share of paparazzi, too.


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