Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sleeping on the Move: Brussels to Athens

I slept pretty well considering I was curled up on airport chairs with armrests and without cushions.  It was probably about 1:30 when I decided to try to get some sleep.  I put my backpack on one seat.  Then I pulled out my bag of t-shirts and put it over the armrest between me and my backpack to cushion that, curled my legs around the other armrest, used my sweatshirt as a pillow, and leaned against  my backpack.  I had my blanket, of course.  I slept for about three hours, waking up now and then to turn over.

A little after four I got up and got my stuff ready.  We checked our baggage a little after five, and caught a 6:30 plane to Athens.  I took my blanket and used it as a neck pillow and slept most of the flight.  However, I'm beginning to lose my enjoyment of flying: my ears popped so bad I couldn't hear much of anything the rest of the day.

The view from the balcony of our hotel room
One of the tour guides met us at the airport, and we took a charter bus, which we had for the week, to our hotel.  We stayed at the Pan Hotel, which is two-star and not luxurious, but not bad at all.  And it's in a great location--right off Syntagma Square.

I am rooming with Mandy and Anna for the week.  We have one bedroom with two beds, the TV, and a balcony, and another room with a single bed.  I volunteered for the private room since I'm coughing so much.  I'm glad to have a little bit of privacy, though.  It's been a long time since I've been alone in a room for more than five minutes.

Katy came up for a while and we talked about what we are going to do on our free day on Saturday, and then I decided to lay down for a short nap.  Well, that turned into three hours.  I got up and got a shower and a bunch of us headed out to find the Hard Rock, which was really close to our hotel.  They had really fun shirts--they are red-orange with Hard Rock Cafe written in black in the shape of a guitar.  I didn't get it, but if I don't spend too much money on other things this week I may go back for it.

I got a pig sandwich and onion rings, but I couldn't eat too much.  The barbecue sauce tastes different here, anyhow.  Hard Rock is always a good time, but I kinda wish we had waited until later in the week.  I couldn't even hear the music my ears were popped so bad.

Oh, and I had McDonald's for lunch.  They have onion rings here,weird.  Not bad, a lot like Burger Kings'.  Next door, some of the other ate at a little pita place called Pita Pan. :) 


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