Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Tuesday and Wednesday


I didn't do much on Tuesday, really.  I worked on my journal for Western Heritage a lot of the day. It was nice to have a day when I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything in specific.  It was great to sleep until I felt like waking up.


Another day around Verviers.  Oh, I remember now what it was I did yesterday that I was going to write about.  I knew I didn't sit around the house all day.  So, Tuesday again...

Tuesday Again: 

I went antique shopping in the afternoon with Mrs. Virginia and Mrs. Marie.  We first went up to a place I'd never been before, up the hill by the court house where I don't go much.  We stepped into the court house as we passed it to see a beautiful stairway with a large stained glass window behind it, showing Justice holding her scales.

The antique place was in an old, leaky barn of a building, and a lot of the things in it were pretty dirty, but there was some good stuff.  My first find was the best of the day--a cup and matching saucer of Bavarian porcelain, marked U.S. zone on the bottom.  I liked it because that dated it to a very specific period in history.  It really is pretty--it has a border of brilliant blue with gold accents.  I found another smaller Bavarian cup and saucer that is very pretty with a little scene of a couple sitting on bench in a garden on it, which I got for mom.  I also found a little oval dish, pointed on the ends, which is beige color with pink and yellow flowers that I hope mom will like; it reminds me of a set she already has.  My last find there--which Mrs. Virginia pointed out and explained the use of--was a little glass alt and pepper holder.  It has a handle in the middle with a little round cup on either side for the salt and pepper.  You use it by pinching salt and pepper out of it or with a tiny little flat spoon (I haven't gotten any of those yet, though).  It was pretty, and very European, so I got that, too.  I got all of it for 8€, thanks to Mrs. Virginia's bargaining with the man.

A little later we went back out, after washing up and showing off our finds, to the antique place down almost to the Plaza Vert where I've been a few times before.  This time we got the lady to take us upstairs.  Mrs. Marie had found some linen napkins there before and she wanted to look for a tablecloth to go with them.   I didn't find much up there, except for some old post cards.  I got a few from some countries I don't have in my collection yet: Iceland, Zimbabwe, and I'll have to look to remember the others.

Downstairs, I found another salt and pepper holder, even prettier than the first, which I'll give to mom.  I really think she'll like it.  I wanted to get her a plate of some kind as well,, but I didn't see any that really struck my fancy.  Maybe later.  I wished mom was there for the antique shopping.  She really would have had fun.  It was fun to be doing it, and I enjoyed being out with the older women without any of the other college students--it was like being out with my mom.  Well, Adam went with us for a while ot the second shop, but he didn't stay long.

Wednesday Again:

Now, on with Wednesday.  I really did sit around the house all day.  I got nearly finished with my Western Heritage journal.  We watched a lot of movies.  We watched Love Potion Number 9, which was really good.  Some people watched Jaws and some other things, but I didn't stick around for that.  The last thing, some of us girls stayed up until two in the morning watching Anne of Green Gables.  I really love that movie--now I really want to reread all the books. :)  It just aggravated me because I can't remember what the last one is called. 

*Note, more than seven years later as I am typing up old journals: I have no memory whatsoever of Love Potion #9.  Weird how some things stick in your head and others don't; I remember other movies I watched that same month in detail, but not a thing of that one.  I guess I'll just have to watch it again, and maybe it would come back to me. 


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