Thursday, October 14, 2004

October 13th: Greek Islands

On Wednesday we took a cruise to some of the Greek islands.  It was a cloudy day, but at least not raining.

Most of our group stayed in the lounge area of the boat, and many fell asleep.  As we set off, it was windy and rather cool--especially was we had expected hot weather in Greece, so I was wearing capris and flip-flops. At least I had my sweatshirt.  Katy and I did not want to waste our time while on the boat, so we went up to the deck and found a table on the side that was sheltered from the wind, so it wasn't too bad.  She was re-reading her favorite book, A House like a Lotus, part of which is set in Greece, while I worked on finishing up Italy in my journal.

Our first port of call was Poros.  We had about an hour on the island. We walked around the first couple of roads of souvenir stands and the like, and then we went up to the bell tower, on the very top of the hill. There was a good view of the harbor from there.  It was pretty even though it was cloudy; it would really be a nice view if were sunny and clear.

Our next port was Hydra, a tiny island where no one drives a car; they just use donkeys.  Katy and Dara took a donkey ride first off, which was pretty funny to watch. Some of the guys went down and jumped in the water from some low cliffs Troy knew about (he'd been to Hydra before, some time).  Meghan and Mandy jumped off some slightly lower rocks.  The water was pretty rough, though.  Chuck got really scraped up, and was stung by sea urchins all over the bottom of his feet.

I spent the time poking around the shops.  I finally bought a couple of the beautiful painting I've been seeing everywhere.  I hope I can get them back in one piece.

Our last port of call was Aegina, a little bit larger island.  I was beginning to regret wearing the flip-flops; my feet were really tired and cold.  Katy, Leah, and I walked around and poked through the shops.  A lot of the group rented little mopeds and cruised around town.  They were really funny.  The guys thought they were so cool.  I saw several restaurants where they had octopus hanging up ready to cook, and some grilling it.  I just can't really imagine eating octopus.  I took a picture of it hanging up to show everyone.

We finally got back on the boat and headed for Athens.  We sat inside this time since it was getting cooler and really looking rainy.  Katy was pretty upset because Leah went to sit with Will instead of us.  It's kinda hard because Leah has to choose between them a lot, being so close to both.  And Katy's hurt whenever she chooses Will.   But anyhow, I got a few postcards written and little more in the journal.  As usual, there were quite a few Asians on board.  And none of us got really sea-sick, although I know I felt a little bad there for awhile between Hydra and Aegina.

I was after eight and getting dark when we finally got back to port.  Our bus was waiting.


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