Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Europe from Above

We spent Monday getting back to Verviers.  We met at the McDonald's on Syntagma as usual, at 8:30.  We made it through the airport without incident, except that was hoping to buy a banana and never found any.

The flight back was fun because we flew right up the coast of Albania and Croatia.  I've never been on a flight that long that flew so low.  I was in the middle between Katy and Stacy.  I had my headphones on a good part of the flight, but after a while we got out our eurail maps and followed our progress right up the coast, trying to figure out which country's coast we were over at the moment.  We could see both water and land for much of the flight.  It tried to take a couple of pictures, but I don't know how well they will come out.

As interesting as that was, I was a lot more excited when we left the ocean behind and flew over Switzerland. We flew right over all the snow-covered mountains--so beautiful! Of course, I took a couple more pictures.  I could see lakes scattered here and there among the peaks.  I love mountains, but I'd never seen them from the top.

We landed in Brussels around there, and Katy and Nicole and I went in search of food.  The particular Brussels train station we ended up at is in the business district of town, so there wasn't anything outside of the station.  We ate at a Quicky Burger inside the station.  It wasn't something to repeat; the food was greasy and just tasted cheap.  But anyhow, it solved the problem of being hungry.

We caught a train back to Verviers and ended up running into a large part of the group on the way.  We spent the rest of the night doing laundry, checking our email, and catching our breath.


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