Sunday, January 13, 2013

Food and Friends at Peter's

After staying out so late the night before, I didn't get moving any
earlier the next day. Oh well; I have plenty of time in Beijing, and
besides, the smog was just getting worse.

I met Rebecca, Jon, and Kelley for an early dinner at Peter's, the
Tex-Mex place Kelley and I had went to earlier in the week. We all
ordered burritos, and chips and salsa, and drinks...then later,
nachos, then chips and salsa again, and drinks again...we kept
munching and talking until we realized we'd been there for five hours,
and the waitresses were beginning to look like they wished we'd leave
so that they could start cleaning up. We didn't feel as bad about
eating so much once we realized how long we'd been there; we almost
had been there long enough for two meals, after all.


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