Friday, January 18, 2013

Got my Indian Visa!

FINALLY, I GOT MY VISA! I was really getting flight is tomorrow morning.  If the visa wasn't ready on time--and we're talking about dealing simultaneously with both Chinese AND Indian bureaucracy--then it would have been a huge headache trying to change my flight and all.  But it was ready! On time!  

So, I should not be on here typing this, as I have to get up in four hours to leave for the airport, but, you know.  It'll be too early to take the airport subway line thing, and it's hit or miss as far as getting a taxi, so I, along with an English grandmother, mother, and daughter (who also teaches in Wuhan) who I met at the hostel here have a hired car to take us, for less money than it would have taken for us to take taxis separately.  We leave at five.  

So...I need to go sleep a bit.  My next post will be from India (assuming everything goes according to plan)!  

One more picture from Beijing...the weather was absolutely perfect today (no smog!), so I walked around a bit after I picked up my visa.  I went by St. Joseph's, a catholic church here; touring a church made me feel like I was back in Europe just for a moment there.  


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