Tuesday, September 17, 2013

And then there's this...

  • Well, you know that whole story back in August about falling and hurting my back while hiking in Thailand? Well, I thought it was getting better, but then it started getting worse again. One of my friends that I see on Sunday offered to take me to a hospital she is familiar with and translate for me so I could get an x-ray. I just wanted to see exactly what was going on in there, to make sure I wasn't making it worse. I don't feel like typing out the whole story yet again, so I'll just copy the (long) message I sent my mother on facebook: 

    Sooo.... First of all, it isn't that bad, don't freak out.
    Anyway, I finally worked out a day that worked with my friend Jenny from to take me to the hospital for an x-ray on my back. It hasn't been bothering me too badly except for getting really stiff at night and I get tired walking shorter distances than usual but still, figured, just in case...
    Well, turns out I've been walking around for a month with two cracked vertebrae. So, the doctor said the only thing really to do for that is rest. He told me I should take a month of off work and stay home and lay around as much as possible and not do anything strenuous.

    You know, ordinarily, I'm wishing for exactly that...I just want to sit on the couch and play on my computer...but after being told to, it's now been three hours, AND I'M GOING NUTS. WANT OUT. I'm not going to handle this well. I already sent Micah about a dozen whiny texts. And complained to four other people. Sorry you weren't first, but you were asleep.

    Anyways, I am supposed to teach four classes of grad students next week, but he said standing all day (three of them are all in one day) was a bad idea. So, I'm going to talk to my coteacher and see if I can reschedule those. After that, thanks to my crazy schedule (God knew what he was doing!), I didn't have any classes for the next two weeks after than anyways. So that would give me about three and a half weeks. And I have a doctors' note so they're usually pretty good about rescheduling for that.

    It's just super frustrating and I feel like a drama queen asking for help from anyone because I really don't feel that bad. Well, I am pretty worn out from being out most of the day at the hospital, so I know I do need to rest more, but...still, I've been doing it all for myself for the past month and was starting to think I was almost better...The pulled muscles have healed, so most of the pain was gone...just an ache now, really. Sigh.
    However, Micah is a great person. His reaction to the news that his coworker is going to be lazy and no help for the foreseeable future was to say that it's a good thing he's moving in across the hall soon so he can carry stuff up the stairs for me, and that he's going now to go buy food at my favorite place and bring it to me.
    One other problem--my house is a WRECK. Well, the living room and my bedroom aren't bad, as people can see them, but the kitchen is a disaster zone. I was at the retreat all weekend, and then we didn't have water, so dishes from several days are piled up and starting to smell. I'll just have to do a few at a time and then back to resting, I guess.
    I was thinking that maybe I could hire a student or somebody who needs some extra money to come sweep and mop and vacuum for me, as those are some of the harder things on the back. But I need to get the kitchen in better shape first...I would be too embarrassed for anyone to see it like that. Sigh. Why couldn't I have gotten the house clean before finding out that I shouldn't be doing it? To top it off, I'm still recovering from a sinus infection. I only have half of a scratchy voice. AND as you can already see, you are likely to get a lot of very whiny emails from me over the next few days. I'm really going to try to rest and let it heal...but you know how it is! I feel ridiculous asking for help when I don't feel that bad.
    Well, let me know when you see this. I didn't want to rant about it all over fb before telling you. But I'm itching to. Sigh. WHINE WHINE WHINE. Well, Micah should be here soon with the food. I told him I was throwing a big pity party, but if he wanted to bring food to the party he was welcome.
    And I was working so hard to lose weight...sometimes I think it's the devil. EVERY TIME I get really motivated and actually start doing well, I get sick or something and can't exercise. But ofcourse, absolutely no exercise videos allowed. 
    Sorry, super long again, and sorry to make you read a temper tantrum. Just seriously, can this semester get any weirder...I probably should not say that, I'll jinx myself.


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