Monday, September 16, 2013

Through the Peephole

Since I haven't had to actually go to work the last couple of weeks, I'm usually home during working hours.  And, since I'm not used to hearing any noise at all on the landing as I've been the only one up here on the fifth floor for the past year, I notice whenever anyone comes or goes to work on the apartment across the hall.  Micah is moving in across the hall from me as soon as the repairs are finished and all the furniture arrives.  

Whenever I hear someone out there, I spy out the peephole on my door to see what they're up to.  Then I usually end up giving up on being stealthy and just go over there and stick my head in the door to see what they're up to.  I've taken to snapping pictures on my phone and sending Micah updates.  I took a few the day they put in the new carpet, and on the day they delivered the bed.  I didn't get any of the new fridge and washing machine, but they were just in big boxes anyways.  I felt really bad for the guy who carried A REFRIGERATOR on his back up FIVE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS. By himself.  Wow.  I should never again complain about my job.  The guys who shoved the mattress up the stairs didn't look like they were having just a ton of fun, either.  

Today, they delivered the new couch.  I like it!  Very classy.  Anyway, I don't know if Micah wants his home shared with the world, but, he hasn't officially moved in yet so it's free game.  I'm enjoying spying through the peephole.  


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