Monday, September 16, 2013

Latest Chinglish

September 1st:  (Still having prolems with blogger; I can't go back and change dates until it's fixed, so I will date posts that are out of order until I can).  

After our morning worship time, we went to a western restaurant, Cat's Eye, on the Zhangfa campus (they have a huge neighborhood of restaurants and shops; we just have two streets! Not quite fair...then again, that campus is super close, so we just go over there sometimes...).  I was a bit skeptical at first; Chinese "western" food is usually as not-quite-like-reality as our Chinese food is in the U.S. (hint: heavily modified for American tastes).  But this was really good--most of us got pizza, and it was very close to the pizza at Pizza Hut here.  In fact, so close that we were speculating about whether some employee here used to work at Pizza Hut and learned a few things...

Anyway, I got the chicken and mushroom pizza, which was good.  I took a quick picture of the menu page about pizza, though.  I starts out quite normal, but the last few caused a few double takes.  Chicken, Hawaiian, Veggie...Crispy Intestine of England?  No one wanted to take a risk on that one. Pineapple crab  sounds a bit odd, too, but Chrissi ordered it and I tried a piece.  Not bad; truthfully the crab didn't have a very strong flavor although there was quite a lot of thin strips of it, so it didn't taste that different from any other pizza.  I still preferred the one I got, though.  


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