Monday, September 16, 2013

New chairs!

Yay!  My new dining room chairs finally arrived!  My old ones were falling apart--literally.  Two were in more than one piece, and a third (that didn't match the others anyway) has a big crack on one side.  I'm very happy to now have four matching chairs (well, matching each other--they don't quite match my table, but at least they don't clash) that I don't have to worry that my guests will suddenly end up in the floor.  
Now, they are sitting in the middle of my living room looking dusty, so I need to get on with it.  Also, the water just came back on after been off from 7 last night to 11 this morning for some sort of plumbing maintenance that affected the whole neighborhood (which apparently was scheduled, but YET AGAIN someone (Veronica, cough cough) forgot to tell the foreigners who can't read the notice on the campus website in Chinese.) so I need to get the washing machine going and see if I can't reduce this pile of dishes.  


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