Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Come Full Circle

Sitting on Kuta beach, waiting on sunset, just as I did nine days ago...I started and am ending my time in Bali here in Kuta, like most people, as the airport is here, and as it's the most popular tourist destination in Bali.  I like it well enough but a couple of days spent here has been more than enough.  It has a nice enough beach, although nothing special, really, and all of the tourist amenities-there's a Hard Rock, Pizza Hut, and McDonalds right behind me.  Kuta is famous, really, for its surfing and late-night partying, both of which I feel too old for, so I guess that's why it doesn't keep my attention longer.  It's a good place to stay to get to the airport, though- I can see the end if the runway sticking out into the bay from where I sit. 

One improvement is that I certainly feel better this time around. I still have a bit if a cough, but nothing compared to what it was, and I have a somewhat normal appetite back and thus more energy.
I came out here to sit on the beach a little before five. I thought about going swimming a bit earlier; I had enough time but I wasn't sure I really wanted to get so sandy and waterlogged again, and have to carry damp, salty clothes home. Now that I an here looking at the waves, I'm rather glad I didn't-the waves are rather high. The only people more than about ten feet out all have surfboards.

The beach is crowded as everyone comes out to sit in the sand and watch the sunset.  I brought along  one of the colorful sarongs I bought in Ubud to sit on, and got through a few more chapters of David Copperfield as the sun slowly sank lower in the sky.

The sun finally set, turning the sky pink, although gathering clouds blocked the view of the sun before it quite made it to the horizon.  I watched the changing sky until it was too dark to read any more, and then went for a walk along the edge of the surf, getting splashed a bit by the warm water as the tide was coming in.
I lingered standing in the sand for quite a while, mesmerized by the crashing waves. Far down where the beach curved toward Seminyak, someone was setting off fireworks.  Some natural fireworks flickered in a rising cloud out over the water as sparks of lightning illuminated the clouds. I finally pulled myself away from the hypnotism of the waves and headed off in search of one last gelato.


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