Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sweet Home and Proud Mary

The last two evenings in Ubud I've gone to one of the many dance performances put on every night for tourists, but I decided to take a break tonight. While a good way to pass the evening in a country where everyone seems to go to bed early, tonight's offerings sounded quite similar to last night's, and while I enjoyed it, at an hour and a half long I found that the dances went on and on for several minutes past interesting. Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed seeing them and I'm not complaining; it's just that last night's were quite repetitive and I found the first ten minutes of a twenty minute act to be sufficient to get the idea.
Anyhow, I guess most people pass the part of the evening that they aren't at a show having a leisurely dinner, but while I have mostly gotten my appetite back, I've gotten into a routine of having toast at the homestay in the morning and then a large meal around two, so as to be in the shade in the hottest part of the day, and then just a gelato break before the show in the evening.

I had my gelato break early today, so I spent nearly three hours at an internet cafe trying to get caught up on my blog; I might have stayed longer but I finally got fed up with the internet going out every half hour. I definitely won't be going to that place again. 

Still a little early to head back for bed, I stopped along the way at this place, attracted by the live music.  Two older local men were set up with their guitars, and they were playing classic rock.  The singer has a deep gravelly voice that disguises his accent.

I ordered a drink and found a comfortable spot in front of the fan, and felt right at home as they played the opening bars of Sweet Home Alabama.  That was followed by Pink Floyd, and then Proud Mary. 
I did smile, though, at the set up: they had pulled the restaurants pink high chair between them with their picks and controls for the amp on the tray and their beers in the seat. Whatever works, right?


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