Saturday, January 11, 2014


My second morning in Duoyishu, I dragged myself out of bed again and went out on the deck and huddled in a rocking chair to  watch the sunrise. I wore pretty much all my clothes, as it was cold in the early morning before the sun warmed things up. 

I thought about going on another hike, but I needed to be back to catch a minibus (van) to Xinjie by about 3:30, so I didn't really have time as all the other routes Jacky suggested would take several hours. I took my time showering and repacking my stuff, and then caught a ride up to the main road with Jacky after I checked out.  He pointed out the local restaurant; I wanted a hot meal since I knew I'd be snacking on the bus for supper and all the next day. I got some carrots and pork, which had some bell pepper mixed in. It's a common dish in China, although of course it was a bit overpriced here, being a tourist place and the only restaurant, so they know you have no choice. I really liked their dishes, though;  not just the usual white bowls.

After I ate, I left my backpack at the restaurant and walked up the road in the opposite direction from what I'd walked the day before, but I didn't find anything interesting.  I ended up catching the van to Xinjie early with the help of the waitress; I'd see if there was anything to see there. 


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