Monday, January 13, 2014

First View of the Mountain

I knew that Jade Dragon Snow Mountain was close to Lijiang, but it still took me by surprise when I was winding my way through bustling Sifang Square and happened to glance down one if the side streets.  And there it was, framed by the tiled roofline of the old-Naxi-shops-and-homes-turned-souvenir-stands.  I got that chest-tightening, breath-holding thrill if joy that seems to go along with the sound, "Eeeeee!" Although I never do the sound. Does anyone else feel that thrill of joy or excitement that way?

My course for the next three hours was determined by the mountain.  It was my beacon as I chose my route through the winding streets, going whichever way led me closer to a clear view of the mountain, until I finally came to the perfect view in the Black Dragon Pond Park.

I love mountains. 


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