Friday, January 10, 2014

Jacky's Guesthouse

Using hostelworld as always, I booked a room at Jacky's Guesthouse.  Jacky is a local who grew up in this village, but was one if the few to do well enough on the exams to make it to college.  After attending college far off in Xi'an, he got a job as an assistant to a famous photographer and spent four years traveling the world.  Afterwards, he came back to his native village (a bit rare in itself; you know how it goes in most small towns-those that leave never come back), and used the money he'd saved to open this guest house and bring travelers to his beautiful home.

It was one of the more expensive places I will stay on this trip, as they don't have dorms or single rooms so a single person has to pay for two anyhow. However, my room was in the perfect place, on the fourth floor, opening onto the balcony. From the balcony I could see the village, the mountain behind, the rice terraces, and down past the cliffs into the valley...the best view of the trip, as soon as I opened my door.  Both mornings I woke up early to sit out on the balcony and freeze and watch the sun rise over the mountain.



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