Friday, January 24, 2014

Flight to Singapore

For a couple of days before the flight I was dreading getting up at a ridiculously early hour, but the night before I finally rechecked the schedule and was happy to see that the flight was not at eleven as I had been thinking, but at one (it was the flight leaving Singapore that was at eleven), meaning I could sleep to more normal hour.  Always a blessing for this night owl.  

Anyhow, I still got up rather early for me, and checked out of the hostel by eight.  As instructed by the receptionist, I took a taxi to the West Inn, and from there the airport shuttle bus.  As it turns out, I could have gotten away with sleeping just a bit longer, but you just never know when relying on public transportation, so, better safe than sorry and all that.  Everything went like clockwork, though, and I easily made it to the airport before ten.  I had plenty of time to make two laps around the departure area and a ramble through the upstairs food section, and then I wandered off down to the arrival area, and then found a Starbucks on a quiet in-between area overlooking arrivals, and passed some more time with a chocolate muffin.  

There's really not much to write about when nothing goes wrong; my first flight to Kuala Lumpur was ordinary; during my layover there, I had a mid-afternoon lunch/dinner at Burger King, which I guess was unusual in that it was really good--or else I've been in China too long and anything labeled cheese sticks or onion rings tastes good to me.  My second flight on to Singapore was similarly uneventful, and I arrived just as scheduled, took the subway, and followed the hostel's excellent walking directions from there--although I do beg to differ on the meaning of "really close to the subway", as it was a good twenty-minute walk at a good pace.  


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