Monday, August 25, 2014

2nd Best Bus of All Time

Look at this bus! Okay, maybe don't look that hard; that fabric might blind you--but still, I have a recliner for a seat! And the bus is due to leave in a minute and a half, and there are a grand total of six people on here, including the driver.  At the ticket booth the guy let me pick my seat, so I chose one towards the back, knowing that if someone doesn't express a preference the ticket agents fill from the front.  So, I have the entire back two-thirds of the bus to myself.  I feel like I ought to unpack a bit to take advantage of all this space. 

I think I rank this bus (assuming it doesn't break down and they don't play any stupid movies) second out of all the ridiculously many buses I've slogged my way around the world on.  The number is still the bus in Nanning, China--I don't remember for sure now if it was from Guilin to Nanning or if it was from Nanning on to the Vietnamese border.  It was laid out like this with large recliner-like seats made possible by only having three across instead of four, but the colors were out of an elderly lady's apartment rather than a skating rink like this one--muted burgundy velvet with doilies and cream curtains.  The conductor was a young woman dressed like a flight attendant, who came around offering complimentary bottles of water.  The experience was like flying first-class (not that I have much experience with that-I only did it for about twenty minutes one time), except with more doilies. 


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