Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thai Coast...from Above!

You, dear readers (Hi mom!), will probably soon be tired of pictures-out-of-the-window-of-the-plane.  But I love them...coastlines, city lights, islands, mountains, snow, desert, sunsets, and the clouds of every color and size and height.  I had an aisle seat on my flight from Wuhan to Bangkok, so I was removed from temptation.  As the plane lifted off on the second leg of the trip on to Kuala Lumpur, I told myself it was really too much trouble to keep a large camera at the ready, but as we flew up over the city I kept seeing shots I wished I'd taken.  I didn't last ten minutes.  Just as well, because it was a good flight for photography.  We flew right down the Thai coast north of Vietnam, and passed seaside towns, islands with turquoise water lining their sandy beaches, and odd little puffy clouds.  However, we were still flying low enough to be under a layer of gray above, so the light was muted.  Towards sunset the sun found a few small openings, and turned the little fluffy clouds shining white and a thunderhead pink.  I got a break when it finally clouded over, but I did get a few shots of the lights of Kuala Lumpur, or suburbs thereof, as we came in to land.



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