Friday, August 22, 2014

Observation Deck

After a couple of laps around the outdoor deck trying to capture the twinkling city below, I wandered down to the observation deck.  I was immediately thankful I had paid the money to go up top--night pictures from inside would have been nearly useless, as all the bright lights of the souvenir stalls reflected garishly against the glass.  I had to cup my hands to really get much of a view.  I did enjoy seeing a neon display of the tallest towers in the world--of which Menara KL is seventh.  Everywhere I've gone while traveling, one of my main goals has been to find out the highest spot to get a view from, no matter how many stairs I had to climb to do it--the spire of the Cologne cathedral, the Torre del Mangia overlooking the Piazza del Campo in Siena, Notre Dame in Paris, the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai...I'm just thankful this one has an elevator!

After a late dinner, I finally made it back to the hostel about eleven and joyfully took a cold shower to wash away the stickiness of the day--something you look forward to all day in that kind of thick humidity.  I was only slightly surprised when I checked the pedometer on my phone that I had set a new record for one day (in the year I've been using it--I can recall a few days long past that likely would set some records of their own): 23,811 steps.  According to an online converter I found, the average person makes 2112 steps in a mile, so that should be just over eleven miles for the day. In flip-flops.  


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