Friday, August 22, 2014

Menara KL by Night

As I was being shooed inside, I was miffed that I had waited all this time and missed the barbecue to see the night lights, all for nothing--but once we got in, I found several people sitting around near the elevator, some of whom had just arrived.  They thought the lightning cloud would pass over quickly and we could go back out, so I waited.  It wasn't too bad; maybe twenty minutes or so.  By the time we were released to the deck, it was fully dark and the lights of the city were sparkling in every direction.  I was so high up that the more distant ones seemed to be twinkling, like stars.  Most brightly lit, of course, were the aforementioned Petronas Towers, the pride of the city.  I also got a few shots of the Menara itself glowing against the clouds as I walked back to the monorail.  Oh, I love a city by night...


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