Monday, August 26, 2013


After the orchid nursery, we made another stop at a market, which had a convenience store as well as open stalls.  We stocked up on snacks and drinks and gawked for a bit at the various fried bugs and strange fruits for sale.  Now, we were finally headed to the jungle. 

As we drove further out into the countryside, we started to see elephant barns along the river. And  who doesn't like elephants?

We paired up-of course, Saori, the Japanese girl, and I were together since we were the only two single people.  She speaks some English, though not a lot.  Unfortunately, Japanese is a language I have no experience with.  I did learn that she is an occupational therapist from a small town I've never heard of.  She was also traveling alone.  I'm proud of her for that-it seems that most Japanese tourists I see travel in herds. 

Anyhow, we rode the elephants for a short trip down a very muddy road.  I road an elephant before in Laos, but elephants are always fun.  The best part was that the lead elephant in our group had a baby tagging along.  Adorable!


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